Multiverse Art Gallery provides a space and opportunity for established and emerging artists to gain exposure in the art world through online gallery and pop-up physical exhibitions in partnership with galleries and cultural organizations through San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Multiverse encourages accessibility for artists around the world regardless of their ethnicity, race, and gender and connects them to each other and to art collectors, industry professionals, and buyers.

We consider every artist as a unique universe full of cultural expressions, colorful experiences, and creativity which would be invaluable to be discovered and showcased among other artists.

Discovering the conversations that different artists from various cultures can have through their art is what makes our gallery a multicultural space. We have a commitment to empower the artistic expression of various artists including marginalized groups and underrepresented ethnicities, and will bring into contemplation the visual representation of the intricate and nuanced multicultural art created by the artists around the world.
Our Vision
The beauty of our world lies in its diversity. We are meant to be different from each other and this difference worth exploration. Through art, we uncover our stories and the world that spans our differences and unites us as human being. Multiverse Gallery is started by and is alive by artists and visionaries who are committed to provide their fellow artists with any background an accessible platform to showcase their work and get the exposure they deserve. Your art must be seen, your story deserves to be told, and Multiverse is your gallery.
The Team

Creative Director and Design Strategist
Arash has managed to be a successful blend of an award-winning artist, calligrapher, and designer, as well as art creative director and curator for the past ten years.
He has devised over three dozen calligraphy workshops and has participated in over 70 exhibitions (over 10 solos) in galleries and museums around the world including the US, Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Canada, Russia, and Iran.  Arash has MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts and is           co-founder of several art initiatives in California including Ziya Art Center, Calligraphies in Conversation, and SilkMinds. He is former Council Member of Friends of Calligraphy and Board Member of Berkeley Art Center.

Director of Programs & Exhibitions
Shaghayegh (Shaye) is an art educator and organizer who is passionate about bringing groups of all ages and backgrounds together around interactions with the arts. She earns her Master’s Degree in Art Education, with focus on community and participatory arts, from Concordia University in Montréal. She has over 10 years of teaching and community engagement experience and has been participating in many local and international art events and exhibitions in the United State and Canada. She is an avid traveler and her love of art and culture have brought her to many different countries around the globe. Currently, she works at de Young Museum of San Francisco.
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