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The beauty of our world lies in its diversity. We are meant to be different from each other and this difference worth exploration. Through art, we uncover our stories and the world that spans our differences and unites us as human being.

Multiverse Gallery is started by and is alive by artists and visionaries who are committed to provide their fellow artists with any background an accessible platform to showcase their work and get the exposure they deserve. Learn More.

Past Exhibitions + Collaborations

  1. I was honored to be included in the Calligraphies in Conversation exhibit. I thought it was excellent, both in terms of quality and presentation.

    Debra Self, Artist and Calligrapher participated in Calligraphies in Conversation exhibition

  2. Am so thrilled to be a part of this exhibition. There are so many beautiful pieces from all over the world, representing many cultures.

    Annie Cicale, Artist and Designer participated in Calligraphies in Conversation exhibition